Module 6 - Individual Sessions


The body remembers everything that it has ever experienced.  All of our joy and all of our pain is remembered and unconsciously stored in our body’s organic mind. Where we have not been able to release or resolve stress we internalize it. The memory of these experiences can crystallise in the tissue in many ways, such as, muscular tightness, body pain and inhibited breathing.

Through deep tissue bodywork you work with these body memories that are often outside your awareness, memories that influence our thinking, emotions and behaviour.

bodyworkWhat to expect during a bodywork session

"Bodywork sessions are conducted on a low massage table and are 2 hours long. There is time for talking/counselling before and integration after the bodywork. Slow strokes are used to open up the energy channels in the body. These strokes are done at the body's pace, listening for where the body is open, and where the body has some information to explore, release, integrate.

As a bodyworker I am listening through my hands and my body, I am listening with an attitude of no pressure, there is no rush, it goes at the body's own time and pace. It can be very still and slow. I may do one stroke or 20 strokes in a session.

The person receiving the bodywork gets to listen at the same time, it is like meditation. They listen by noticing the sensations they are feeling. I may be working on your neck and you may have sensations in your leg, as the energy channels connect the whole body. We may be silent or we may be talking about the sensations we are both experiencing.

When there is some stored material that is ready to heal, this can occur through sensations, emotions, visions and insights.

Each session is completely unique.

Each session leaves the person feeling deeply connected with yourself, relaxed and with deeper understandings."

Anna Urbanski - Bodywork Practitioner



Rebirthing is a healing process using a simple relaxing, gentle breathing rhythm.

The process aids in dissolving physical tensions and emotional traumas and restores the power of the breath to revitalize and energise the mind, body and spirit.

Rebirthing is based on the understanding that how we think affects how we experience life. Combining breathing with quality thoughts can produce positive and lasting changes in our lives.  Nurturing our positive thoughts supports us and expands our joy and aliveness.  Holding onto the suppressing fearful thoughts and feelings can create tension, unhappiness and disease.


During your Doula training you will experience at least 5 sessions with a qualified practitioner.


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