Doula Foundation Training 2018

February 2 - March 23 (break) April 13 - June 22


SharingThis is the foundation of your training, providing you with the solid basis on which to build your development as a Doula. The training’s focus on learning the hands on skills of supporting families before during and after childbirth as well as preparing for your own business as a working doula. The training incorporates 20 half days - 10am - 2pm on Fridays during the school term.


During the process of exploring what a doula is, you will be sitting with other women passionate about birth. Every woman who attends the doula training comes with her unique experiences and wisdom. A major part of the journey is sharing in each and every womans story of birth, life, parenthood and everything about being a woman. This aspect of the training is one of the most valuable. Being in a safe space
with other women exploring the things that Ritualsare most important in life is missing in most womens lives. The love, trust, safety, fun, laughter, tears, gratitude and friendship that this gives every one of our doulas, stays in their lives beyond the training, providing each woman with a network of love in her life.

Another highlight is that being a doula is about being yourself. It is not about playing a role, it is about being a woman supporting other women and her family. It is therefore critical that you be yourself. Again, this support for each doula to simply be herself and know that the best thing she can do when making a differnce in other peoples lives at this incredibly powerful time of birth, is to simply be herself, provides each doula with such acceptance and support that she takes this confidence and support out to every
aspect of her life.

PositionsOther things we do throughout the Doula Foundation Training include:

  • Welcoming guest to speak including; Lactation Consultant about breastfeeding, Homoepath about using homoeopathy, Home Birth Midwives, Obstetricians and Post Natal Depression Counsellors. It is always so inspiring to hear from these experts as well as expanding your network of professionals to refer to.

  • Watching DVD's - we have a large collection to show you every aspect of birth including simple home birhts, ecstatic births hosptial births, interventions and more.

  • Hands on learning, practicing hands on skills with each other including; touch and massage techniques Rebozo Shawl method, Birth Hypnosis, breathing, relaxation and more.

  • Professor BrenneckeVisualisations, Vision creations, Mandalas, Blessingways and other rituals to connect with deeper realms
    and give doulas skills to bring to their birthing families.

Babes in arms welcome!


Topics week by week

  1. Introduction to Training – overview of the modules, exploring What is a Doula,
    Why are you here? Your birthstories
  2. Birth Stories - Sharing your stories and experiences of Birth,
  3. Birth Choices – what are the options for women in Melbourne, hospital, birth centers,
    private and public, home birth – statistics, options and experiences of different hospitals.
    As well as prenatal testing
  4. Last few weeks of pregnancy – exploring the state of mind of women, relationship to
    due dates, support strategies. Last month of pregnancy is pre labour. Preparing for labour.Mandalas
  5. Early labour, labour strategies and positions.
  6. Stages of labour. Support required at different stages.
  7. Birth, water birth, home birth.
  8. More Birth - hospital, birth and DVD’s.
  9. Interventions – exploring what is intervention? induction, pain relief,
  10. Interventions – epidurals, dvd’ monitoring, etc.
  11. Caesarean birth and unexpected outcomes.
  12. 3rd stage – exploring the placenta, cutting and not cutting the cord, lotus birth.
  13. FriendsImmediately After Birth - brand new babies. first breath, first gaze, first hour.
  14. Breastfeeding - benefits, common challenges and how a doula can support breastfeeding.
  15. Life with new baby, sleep, relationships, post natal depression.
  16. Other useful tools, - Rebozo shawl, massage, hypnosis, aromatherapy, acupressure.
  17. Complimentary medicine - Chinese medicine, homoeopathy.
  18. Doula’s and partners – how to support the partner, how to work together.
  19. Working as a doula – your doula vision, being on call etc.
  20. The business of being a doula, marketing and self promotion – goal setting.


Cost: $2350 – payment plans available.Mandalas

Payment plan $2350
$400 deposit

$162 per month - over 12 months 
$217 per month - over 9 months
$325 per month - over 6 months
$650 per month - over 3 months



Some words from the wonderful, inspiring, courageous and passionate women who have attended the Dial a Doula training program...

"From completing the doula training with Dial a Doula I have experienced profound healing around my own birth, and have been able to identify life-long behaviour/belief patterns which were imprinted in me during birth. Gaining this awareness has been a big step in opening to recieve more love in my life. The birth of my son several years ago was very traumatic, I have been able to heal a HUGE amount of that trauma through the doula training, which in turn allowed me to be fully open and trusting of the birth process during the first birth I attended as a doula, the birth was completely natural and absolutely blissful! I believe this type of training is essential for all women (and men)." Jane Simson.

 "Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed the Doula Training.  I felt priviledged to have had the opportunity to meet and be included in such a group of compassionate, beautiful, inspiring, and like-minded women.  I've spent the rest of my week feeling deeply revitalised which I attribute to the healing energy cultivated within the open, supportive environment that you conduct your training.  It's a wonderful thing!  Many, many thanks, so looking forward to next time..." Peta, Trainee Doula and TCM practitioner.

 "This course teaches to care, listen, nuture, to feel srtong and empowered in one self as a women,  and to empower other women in the most significant moment of transformation for mother and child. Every women can benefit from this course, whether they end up working with birthing women or not!" Nashira Car. 


 "What I love about the course is how much I have learnt for day to day life. Being a Doula isn't just about the Rebozo or the oils, it's about listening and giving clear and fair feedback based on a person's individual needs. I use that skill in my everyday life now." Emily Roffe-Silvester



"The dial-a-doula training has been fantastic.  It has given me the courage to listen to myself, bring me closer to true authenticity.  A thousand thank you’s." Much love Melanie Keely

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Our Training is held at Gestalt Therapy Australia, 333 Heidelberg Road, Northcote