Doula Training - Held in Northcote.


Being a Doula is a calling rather than a job, as a Doula you are in a unique position to dwell in the mystery and miracle of birth and support other people in that miracle. Life, love, courage, fear, trust and self-discovery and transformation are all inherent in the birth process.

We believe working with and understanding your life and your birth experiences will enable you to more effectively support other women during the momentous occasion of giving birth. With this in mind Dial a Doula training incorporates; knowledge of the physical and emotional aspects of birth; an understanding of how to provide support to women and their families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period; as well as your encouraging students in their own journies of personal development as a woman.

Doula training is a personal journey, which not only transforms a woman for her role at birth, but transforms her life and how she relates to herself and others. The curriculum comprises work with the International College of Spiritual Midwifery and includes participation in group learning activities and discussion, written home-work, reading and researching, attendance at a minimum of three births, and personal development and healing work. The Dial-a-Doula co-ordinators understand that being a doula means to be with-woman, but before a woman can be with-women, she must first be able to be with-herself. This is why Dial-a-Doula ensures all graduates participate in personal development and healing work.

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Doula TrainingDial a Doula Curriculum:


  • Doula Foundation Training - 20 half days - Fridays
  • Attendance at 3 births – includes two pre and two post natal visits, a write up of each visit and the birth itself.
  • Required reading list and homework

Books, tapes and videos, DVD’s and audio tapes will be available from the library.


Expand your training


To support you in your training, you will:

1. Choose a buddy. You and your buddy or buddy’s (you may like to team up with more than one other person) will be there to:

  • Support each other to complete your assignments
  • Talk to about your training
  • Debrief with after visiting with your doula clients and after attending any births

2. Share Resources. You training information binder with is just the beginning of your personal collection of information, books, inspirations and other resources. It is meant to become very personal to you. Bring your favourite books, quotes, stories, websites, practitioners and anything else you have – so that we all can share the wealth. You will gain other resources through other courses – eg booklet from childbirth classes and the Ankhara Rose Birth and Beyond homoeopathic kit from Spiritual Midwifery level 1.

3. Find yourself – The beauty of being a doula is that you only have to be yourself. Each doula is unique – being authentically you is being a great doula – you will be encouraged to be yourself not to “get it right”.

4. Keep Learning – your learning will not end here, you will keep learning and growing from every birth and from every woman. You may find a particular passion e.g. touch; which you can learn from someone like Fiona Hallinan – or Birth Hypnosis with Anna Urbanski or Bodywork with Gyanamala. You may want to incorporate Reiki, aromatherapy, ritual – whatever you love. Never stop learning.

5. Market yourself – We will support you by putting your profile onto the Dial a Doula websites by the end of your Doula Foundation Training you will have a profile blurb to put on the website.

6. Put it out there – you will have a role in the broader community to promote Doulas – when you see an opportunity to place flyers and posters – we encourage you to take those opportunities – we all support each other, the more we spread the word the better for everybody.


How to Get Started

The training is suitable for anyone interested in birth, midwives, health practitioners and women on their own life journey. Each section of the Doula training can be completed in a time frame that suits you. You can start where you like, take as much time as you like and follow your own path to becoming a Doula.

To talk about whether this is the right path for you and, please contact Sunderai Felich:
Sunderai 0401 626 883