About Us

Sunderai Felich - Director Dial-a-Doula and ICSM

SunderaiSunderai Felich is the Director of Dial a Doula as well as a Director of ICSM. She has 30 years experience in women's and children's health. As an independent Childbirth Educator she provides a relaxed environment for couples to share their experiences, hopes and fears as they move through pregnancy and birth.  Her qualifications also include Pre-school Mothercraft, Breathwork, Bodywork, Massage, Reiki, Doula Training & Hypnobirthing.

As Director of Dial a Doula Sunderai co-ordinates a comprehensive training program for Doulas incorporating many of the college programs. These include: Introduction to Spiritual Midwifery, Childbirth Preparation, Parentcraft, experience of Breathwork, Bodywork, Doula Foundation Training, required reading list, essay writing etc. She co-ordinates the placement of Doulas to provide support to mothers, fathers and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally.




Shivam Rachana - Principal ICSM

Rachana has been teaching for more than thirty years. Within each person she recognises the ability to self-heal and through the power of this recognition, enables others to take the necessary steps toward their healing. She draws upon her experience as a woman, lover, mother, teacher of Spiritual Midwifery, therapist and pioneer of birthing practices including Waterbirth and Lotus Birth. She teaches nationally and internationally.






Dial a Doula's Vision

Dial a Doula recognises that the essential qualities of a doula are compassion, patience, an ability to be totally present and to have an understanding of the birth process.

Dial a Doula's vision

  • That doulas be acknowledged as part of the maternity care team providing physical, emotional and informational support
  • a doula for every women/couple who want one
  • doulas available Australia wide
  • doulas working in all birth settings with all types of maternity care providers
  • doulas being valued and accepted within the community


Dial a Doula's Mission

  • educate the public about the role of the doula
  • educate health care providers as to the benefits of doula support, providing a continuum of support during pregnancy, the birth process and post natally
  • ensure that doula support be affordable for all women
  • increase the team of doulas and provide ongoing training programs
  • ensure that the physical, emotional and informational needs of women giving birth are met


The International College of Spiritual Midwifery

As a woman's life traverses its many directions and turning points, including sexuality, ovulation, menstruation, conception, pregnancy, birth, lactation, motherhood, menopause and grandmotherhood, pathways are created to allow for awareness, growth and transformation.
Spiritual Midwifery reclaims a woman's power in her own process. It allows women the chance to remember how to listen to their bodies, and trust in their ability to respond to this new intelligence. In this, a deep inner knowing pervades and strength is brought to all undertakings.

Our aim is to provide the opportunity for women to undertake the journey to freedom, through information and making fully informed choices. To achieve this goal we hold radically innovative seminars, workshops and individual sessions and provide access to internationally recognized teachers and practitioners

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