Spiritual Midwifery

The birth process is mysterious and it is something we all experience when we are born. A deeper understanding of the birth time enables one to live with much more aliveness and connection. Spirit moves into form and the midwife is there - a witness to the miracle. Yet again a human opens her/his eyes and sees. This course lifts the veils of illusion that hamper the realisation of the dream.

The course gives Doula’s a deep understanding of their calling to work with birth in a deeply intuitive way and is run over 3 days running over 3 months. The course includes:

Spiritual Midwifery Group 08The Calling. Looking at the participant's connection to the birth process - articulating, re-discovering and expanding this vital inner sense. 

The Body Systems. The known and the "unknown" - the physical and spiritual bodies. Examining experiences that demonstrate these systems. Looking at the inter-relationship between them and how this understanding aids the resolution of difficulties that can manifest during pregnancy and birth. A model based on the four elements will be presented and explored - EARTH, FIRE, WATER and AIR. 

Altered States of Consciousness. Defining these and learning about the healing available in these states. De-mystifying them and learning how to access them, a VITAL tool for the birth attendant/doula. Seeing how they are important part of a woman's well-being during pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

Left Brain, Right Brain. How entering right brain spaces facilitates the birth process. How engaging the left brain inappropriately inhibits labour. The place of birth and the practices/rituals that aid or hinder the process. 

Birth as Part of the Continuum. Seeing the interconnections of a woman's psycho/sexual life and its influence on birth outcomes. These rhythms of life affect all of us and our ability to respond appropriately. The honouring of these rhythms provides the impetus needed for the natural process to occur. 

With Woman. We examine the forces present for the woman and her carers that aid or inhibit the birth process and the interpersonal relationships that occur in different situations. The allegiances, conscious and unconscious, that exist. Who has the power? 


Led by Shivam Rachana, Principal of ICSM. Rachana has 30 years teaching experience and
has worked in the area of women’s health, particularly childbirth since the 70’s.


Next course commencing July 28 ,2018

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